Audio Clips:

In-studio recordings:
"Straighten Up and Fly Right"
"Oh How I Loved You"
"Breathe (2 AM)"
"Mr. Tanner"
"I'm Not Afraid"

Live Recordings from "One-ery...Two-ery..."
"Copious, vehement, spiritual, bold" (Literature excerpt)
"Pur di cesti" (Art Song)
"Habanera...well, sort of..." (Humorous Moment)
"Patterns" (Ballad)
"Holding To The Ground" (Up Tempo)
"Stormy Weather" (Humorous Moment)
"Good Thing Going" (Ballad)
"I Choose" (Dialogue excerpt)

Photo Gallery - a collection of images showing Plunge! in action.

Video Clips
Check out a couple of video clips from our shows, concerts and residencies on YouTube at


"What She Wants" (2001) - Solo recording of Jennifer Rodgers Beach.