The Plunge! Cabaret Concept is built to be flexible. We accommodate most any performance space, partnership set-up, campus/community size and budget. This page presents our basic booking guidelines as well as some details that would be present in a contract with Plunge! We encourage you to contact us to talk about your institution so that we can work with you to find the program that suits you perfectly.


The residency of the artists may span from one to five days with one to three workshops per day and must include at least one full performance.

Performance $2,500
Most Residency Components $500 each
3-day Residency with one Performance Package 2
Preferred length for residency work. Based on $500 per
workshop and an average of 2 workshops/day
from $4,000
Additional Perfomances and Concerts3 from $1,000

1 fees will adjust for travel, lodging and specific schedule
2 If the residency involves a partnership with a community service organization, some cost may be deferred either through that organization or grant funding
3 Concerts may be included as part of a residency contract depending on the specific arrangements.

There are elements of the Plunge! program that provide for many unique and flexible options when putting together a performance and residency. The collaboration between higher education and community service organizations can result in a benefit/fund-raising structure, co-sponsored events, outside funding sources, and shared support from all elements involved. The cabaret setting of our shows allows for options that include refreshment or dinner atmospheres. We are happy to work with you to find a setting that suits your needs, pleases your audiences, and highlights our program.

Performance Requirements
Our cabaret productions have a limited set of logistical requirements and can be mounted in any traditional performance venue and many alternative spaces, however the following elements are preferred and the Plunge! artists need to know if any of the following are unavailable before committing to a performance in the space:

  • A grand piano in proper tune or that will be tuned prior to the performance.
  • A Public Address System with CD Player
  • A technician to run lights and minimal sound. Theatrical lighting is optional, but preferred.


Workshop Design
Workshops are custom-designed for the venue, size and focus of participating groups (on or off campus). Plunge! must have contact with group organizers at least 3 weeks prior to the event. When applicable, there must be a unique contact for each group who will be a person normally in a leadership role with the group.

Schedule RequirementsThere may not be more than 2 workshops on the day of a performance and the last workshop must end at least 4 hours prior to the start of the performance.

The residency must build in time for rehearsal in the performance space. If the residency is more than one day in length, there must be at least two hours of time in the space on a day other than the performance day and two hours on the day of the performance. The performance space must be clear for use at least ninety minutes prior to show time.

Plunge! does not have an opinion on whether or not the performance is ticketed, nor do we require a percentage of the house, however, members of any partner community services organization must be admitted for free or at a substantial discount. Plunge! will provide performance vouchers if/when required.

Recordings and Print Material
If recording (audio and/or visual) is made Plunge! must receive a copy and must have permission to use for promotional purposes. Plunge! reserves the right to make a recording for our promotional purposes. The show program material is provided by Plunge! but the production and distribution must be handled by the institution. Additional material from the involved organizations is welcome, but Plunge! must review and approve the final program.