What People Say About Plunge! and Plunge! Performances:

"a potent blend of inspiration and entertainment"
- Joseph McLelland, The Washington Post

"It is evident that [Rodgers Beach and Coles have] excellent rapport. They combined outstanding vocals and a great sense of comedic timing throughout the two-act show."
- The Daily News

"I could tell you planned the program according to your audience, allowing them to maximize everything you had to offer. I have never seen them so focused during a meeting."
- Kristen Eckstrand, Rainbow Youth Advisor

"The Creativity, voices and knowledge of topic were terrific"
"Insight with music! The transitions were powerful..."
"I plan to bring this type of workshop to our agencies."
- Child Services staff and volunteers, Crawford County, PA

"a serious evening...spiced with many hilarious moments"
 - Joseph McLelland, The Washington Post

"Staff were very energized by your workshop. The performance at Ford Chapel was dynamic! I was thrilled to be a part of such a meaningful show!"
 - Hollie Dewalt, Women's Services, Inc.

"You filled the room with talent and spirit."
 - Richard Cook, President, Allegheny College

"Your interactions, I'm sure, have affected people in ways that you would never have dreamed of and probably will never know about."
 - Gilly Ford, Women's Services, Inc.

"It was such a pleasure working with you and I know the community thoroughly enjoyed their interactions with you both. Thanks for your beautiful concert and for all the great work you did to personalize each residency activity."
 - Deb Baker, Allegheny Public Events

"'Our greatest fear,' [Rodgers] said, 'is not that we are inadequate. Our greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.' Her performance exemplified that power."
 - Joseph McLelland, The Washington Post

"Can we have you back next year??? Please??"
- Irene Eckstrand, Rainbow Youth Advisor

Plunge! has references available for each aspect of their work - performance, education and community service. Contact us for reference information.