Original script and compilation by Jennifer Rodgers Beach
Musical arrangements by Jennifer Rodgers Beach, Tim Coles and Doug Yetter

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The Show
"One-ery...Two-ery..." is a full-length cabaret show about the choices we make and those we're made of. The original script, based on the life of the artist, weaves together a wide range of songs from Sondheim to Strauss, as well as the words of Whitman, DuBois, and Thoreau. A ninety-minute performance marathon, the show bursts with humor, wit, and wisdom.

"A potent blend of inspiration and entertainment...Rodgers' performance is exemplary of 'power beyond measure.'"   
-The Washington Post

Jennifer Rodgers Beach, playing herself, takes the audience through a variety of life choices using an eclectic mix of musical styles, literature, and conversation. She leads the audience through the mazes of finding a career that fits, relationships that continually begin and end, and uncovering what is truly worthwhile in life. Tim Coles provides a brilliant musical backdrop from the piano while also playing Jennifer's confidante, foil, and straight-man. The audience is invited to experience and sometimes participate in the ups and downs of the stories being told.

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The Residency
"One-ery...Two-ery..." dramatically illustrates the power of choice and how that power governs a life through relationships, careers, lifestyles, health, and aging. The characters portrayed in the show range from young to old, content to conflicted, privileged to disadvantaged. In residency, the artists use those characters to jump-start sessions on issues such as personal leadership development, power and empowerment, and life choices. Material from the show is used as a basis for seminars, master classes and interactive coursework to explore and develop understanding of those topics and many others.

A select list of workshops and discussions for the college community includes:

Choice and Women’s History Women's Studies Course
In-class workshop on the changing role of women in society.
What Does Power Look Like? Middle School Arts Program
Interactive workshop for middle school students (through a college collaborative program) to demonstrate power and empowerment through movement and metaphor.
Choosing the Paths Career Center
A workshop to aid and inspire a creative perspective on the daunting process of entering the career marketplace.

Natural Fits for "One-ery…Two-ery…" on Campus: Performing Arts (Music and Theater) • Psychology • Sociology • Leadership Education • Wellness Programs • Career Counseling • Women's Studies • Counseling & Personnel • Human Resources.

Selected List of Topics: Traditional and Alternative Power • Self-Esteem and Reliance • Leadership Development • Creative Thinking • Careers in the Performing Arts

The Community Connection
The content of “One-ery…Two-ery…” and the facilitation skills of the artists have been powerfully and effectively partnered with domestic violence shelters, senior centers, middle school and high school audiences. The humor and self-examining nature of the show provide a comfortable entry point both into difficult personal scenarios and the exploration of the impact that strong choices have on life and career. Women’s services, youth services, crisis groups, and leadership development organizations are perfect candidates for partnership with this show.

A select list of workshops includes:

Many Paths to a Career in the Performing Arts High School Chorus
Performance and discussion about different options in the life of an artist.
Finding Alternative Power Domestic Violence Support Group
Workshop exploring alternative sources of power for people in disadvantaged positions.
Facilitating Power and Diversity Issues Women’s Services Organization
Staff retreat developing methods to empower clients and recognize diversity issues.

Natural Fits for "One-ery…Two-ery…" in the Community:
Leadership Development Organizations • Women's Services and Shelters • Support Groups • Crisis Centers • Advocacy Organizations • Primary and Secondary Schools • Youth Centers • Community Theater/Arts Programs • Community Activity Centers.

Selected List of Topics: Traditional and Alternative Types of Power • Self-Esteem and Reliance • Leadership Development • Creative Thinking • Careers in the Performing Arts • Life Choices and Decisions.

Rates and Booking
How It Works Current Productions