Original script, music, and compilation by Jennifer Rodgers Beach and Tim Coles
Musical arrangements by Jennifer Rodgers Beach and Tim Coles
Special Consultant on Freak Habitation and Behavior from Nelson Beach

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The Show
A quirky cabaret show about individuality, finding your niche, and getting your geek on; this story follows one woman’s crazy struggle to find the perfect match. Along the way, she discovers that the key to knowing who she wants lies in knowing who she is. The music and script are as varied as her many encounters – ranging from humorous mishaps to serious crushes, heart-breaking ballads to rousing jam sessions, moments of revelation to all-out geek fests.

Jennifer Rodgers Beach, portraying a woman on romantic mission, and Tim Coles, playing everything else from her best friend, potential mate, and even her computer; tackle the dating scene head on. Together, they run the gamut from acting on the unrealistic expectations of an untried romantic dreamer, through the awkward fumblings of negotiating the real world dating scene, and finally into a full blown exploration of what kind of Freak she really is.

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The Residency
“The Freak That Sticks” confronts situations that we find ourselves in while looking for love and, in the end, is not a show about relationships, but rather a show about individuality. Throughout, the awkward reality that the character doesn’t know herself is a launching point for multi-layered residency workshops that explore issues of confidence, core values, superficiality, social tolerance, and self-actualization, among others. Our creative process, full of humor and frankness, encourages each participant to walk away with a deeper perspective of their unique sense of self.

A select list of workshops and discussions for the college community includes:

Reconstructing Yourself Student Programs
A workshop that broadens the exploration process of orientation and freshman programs and creatively encourages new students to bring their full selves – strengths, quirks, and questions – to the experience.
Different Drums Education Department
A session for teachers in training as they learn to foster a diverse range of individuals within a single learning environment. The program heightens the creative perspective of their work with the eclectic mix of intelligences, developmental and social stages that will be found among their students.
The Creativity Crisis Faculty and Staff
A hard look at the important and changing role of the creative process within various fields of study. Our hypothesis explores how the expression or suppression of creativity can dramatically alter outcomes.

Natural Fits for "The Freak That Sticks" on Campus: Orientation and First Year Programs • LGBTQ Studies • Psychology • Sociology • Wellness Programs • Behavioral Studies • Performing Arts (Music and Theater)

Selected List of Topics: Self-Esteem and Reliance • Individuality • Educational Training • Creative Process • Self-actualization • Academic Transition • Social Tolerance

The Community Connection
“The Freak That Sticks” provides powerful tools for groups that are struggling with issues of identity, esteem, and self-sufficiency. These elements are at the heart of many societal efforts –substance abuse, bullies and gangs, professional development, LGBTQ support and more. On the lighter side, the show and residency programs offer humorous, yet meaningful experiences for dating services, singles groups, and young adult organizations.

A select list of workshops includes:

Inner Freak
LGBTQ Support Group
A workshop that challenges participants to confront stereotypes and shed conventional labels. In their place, each individual embraces their uniqueness and declares their quirkiest selves. "Everyone's a Freak. What kind of Freak are you?"
Once a Bully…

High School Counseling Program
Anger Management Programs

A series of tools and scenes combined to creatively address the societal factors that cultivate bullies and gangs, whether they are in schools, offices, or on the streets. Workshops in this series include activities around enhancing one’s sense of individual self, carving out roles in a community, and instilling confidence to express one’s identity.
You Are…And You Know It
Adventure Dating Service
A funny, poignant program that demonstrates how knowing yourself (or not) can significantly impact who you are with others and how you approach the world of dating.

Natural Fits for "The Freak That Sticks" in the Community:
LGBTQ Community Organizations • Singles Programs • Young Adult Groups • Youth Centers • Community Activity Centers • Young Professional Organizations • Self-Help/Self-Development Organizations • Community Theater/Arts Programs.

Selected List of Topics: Self-Esteem and Reliance • Individuality • Bullies & Gangs • Independent Exploration • Creative Expression • Geek Advocacy (naturally).

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How It Works Current Productions